Hello and Welcome!   Years ago I was at a craft sale and bought an adorable doorstop

that had been cut out of wood and painted with a cute cat design. I thought,  "I wish I

could paint like that!"   I took a beginner's painting class, it was called Tole painting

at that time, bought a band saw and a scroll saw. I found the pattern for that same

cat door stop I bought and after following the steps, I found out I COULD "paint

like that!" I cut out and painted so many things, but only painted one dresser at

that time.  After my youngest child went off to school I went to work and my

painting just faded away. So here it is years later and while in lock down I became

interested in painting again. It has been so enjoyable and I didn't realize how much

I had missed it. Only difference is this time I'm painting on pieces of furniture, not

small cut outs, and the furniture sure takes up a lot more space!  So help me please,

my house is overflowing with furniture!  


                                                   Jan Pawlak

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